How it works

Smash Repair

How it works

Types of Repairer Relationships.

We have 2 kinds of Partners:

  • Partner Smash Repairer (PSR) – a network of innovative repairers who we have a close working partnership with
  • Partner Hail Repairer (PHR) - a specialist network of repairers who can service us nationally

As a partner repairer, you’ll be asked to sign a formal agreement with us for a specified term.

  • Non Partner Repairers - Repairers who are not part of the network may transact with us using IAG’s Online Repair Management (ORM) system and will receive prompt electronic assessments and payments for repairs authorised and completed


Our Relationship with you.

Our relationship with our network of repairers is built on trust and a high level of professionalism and integrity. We work together to provide our customers with excellent customer service and quality repairs at a competitive cost.

As a Partner, your local Assessing team will support and help you with meeting the required standards. They will deliver and discuss performance results, usually quarterly, and work with you to identify any opportunities to improve and sustain your business results.


Reviewing performance

Your business performance is monitored to make sure our customers are provided with quality repairs and excellent service.

The review process helps ensure the standard of repairers is maintained, and recognises those who strive towards best performance.

What happens if you can’t meet the required standards?

If this happens, you may lose your Partner status or be removed from the network.


Payment terms

  • For some types of repairers, we may agree to different payment arrangements
  • For repairers outside of our network, we pay invoices within 30 days of when they’re received, and documentation


Resolving disputes

We have a three-step dispute resolution process:

  1. Try to resolve any disputes with your local management. If you're not happy with the outcome, you can escalate it in writing through your local assessing team
  2. We’ll then review your complaint through our internal dispute resolution process. You’ll be notified of our decision within 15 business days
  3. If you’re still not satisfied with the outcome you can proceed with the external dispute resolution process, which is independently mediated.

We’ll try to resolve the matter within 15 business days from the date our External Dispute Resolution Committee is notified.

This process follows clause 11 of the Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry Code of Conduct It applies to disputes relating to alleged non-compliance with the Code (where the Code applies) and disputes over contracts.