Are you eligible?

Smash Repair

Are you eligible?

Are you eligible to join the network?

Before making an application to join the network you’ll need to understand our eligibility criteria and minimum requirements. You’ll also need to complete an eligibility questionnaire.

To assess eligibility, we look at:

  • The quality of your repairs
  • The standard of customer service you offer
  • Qualifications, technical skills and training
  • Your premises
  • Whether we need your services in your area
  • Your costs and quoting procedures
  • Probity and prudential / financial factors


Premises inspection

We need to inspect your business premises before your application can be completed.
The key areas that we assessed are:

  • Customer facilities
  • Equipment levels
  • Workshop environment
  • Overall presentation

We may contact you to arrange an inspection after your application and probity checks have been approved. Following the premises inspection, we’ll give you a report that will indicate any areas that need to be addressed to meet the minimum requirements.

You may wish to conduct a self audit of our minimum requirements to assess your suitability.


Performance requirements

To assess how well your business is performing, we look at whether you meet the requirements in three key areas:


an assessor will carry out a number of inspections of repairs you have completed to see whether your work meets our required standards.

Customer service 

we assess the level of customer satisfaction with your repair work and the service you have provided.


We look at cost trends to see how your prices have changed over time, and review your quoting practices.